About Us

CEO and Co-Owner​

With over 30 years in technical, operational, and HSE senior roles I along with other members of Pro-Vision can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to support you with your health, safety, and environmental needs and requirements.​

Being in both senior operational and HSE director roles I can bring a sensible pragmatic approach and achievable solutions to the HSE problems that many companies face having been in their position many times myself.​

Another key passion within HSE I bring is relating to health and safety leadership which for me is the key enabler once the framework is in place to ensure a sustainable and improving health, safety and environmental culture. I see so many great frameworks destroyed by poor leadership. We at Pro-Vision can help you with this at all levels of supervision and management from front line supervisory management up to the board level as required.​

Operations Director and Co-Owner​

Fifteen years of valuable manufacturing and production experience, supported by twenty years of experience working for some of the major players in the highly competitive retail sector. Proven skills include implementing ISO standards, and supporting to qualification, writing, and implementing policies for quality control, health and safety. I bring a sensible and pragmatic approach to solving problems and achieving results. A professional management and Health and Safety practitioner who understands the pressures and challenging deadlines, and tight timelines that managers are under. Decisive assertive, sensible in my approach, with the necessary skill sets to achieve success. These skills, sets Pro-vision ahead of others to provide sensible solutions to support companies where needed.​